Le Puzz Juicy

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Juicy is a take on a classic jigsaw puzzle theme — a giant pile of fruit! You might start with the edges or dive right into sorting out the limes. Trypophobia warning this puzzle does feature strawberry and papaya seeds.

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Le Puzz Juicy

Top three things we love about fruit: 1. The color – what the hecky! 2. Portable, omg so convenient. 3. Um, did somebody say delicious? – nature’s sugar, am I right? If you were to choose a favorite fruit what would you choose? That’s a tough one: aesthetically we like strawberries but flavor-wise we gotta go with watermelon. Here’s a quick grape recipe: one bag of cold green grapes cut them in half and squeeze two or three limes on those babies – mmmmm good to go.


Le Puzz


25 x 18 Inches (Assembled)
14.25 x 9 x 2 Inches (Packaging)

  • Paperboard
  • Intermediate
Number of Pieces


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