Loophole Puzzle Lock

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A circular hole drilled straight through the brass body of the lock gives this clever puzzle its name.

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Loophole Puzzle Lock

In the tradition of the Dan Lock and Loki Lock, Boaz Feldman presents his latest puzzle, Loophole. A hole is drilled straight through the brass, hollowing out one of the Os, and that circular window gives the puzzle its name. As always, your objective is to unlock the lock.

Examine all the components and you'll quickly realize it's possible to separate the loop from the key and the clasp. However, the key will not turn in the keyhole of the padlock, so clearly further steps are required. How many steps and if you will ever discover them are both excellent questions. The answers lie hidden within the finely-machined inner workings of Loophole.

Boaz Feldman has followed in his father’s footsteps to become one of the most celebrated puzzle lock designers in the world. He works in close collaboration with the lock manufacturer NABOB in order to engineer brand new mechanisms for his high-precision puzzles.

Loophole is a great personal puzzle challenge. However, it also makes a great demonstration puzzle for curious friends. Once you understand the secret procedure, the mechanics can be performed in under two minutes.


Boaz Feldman


3.5 x 2 x .5 Inches


  • Metal
  • Brass


  • Intermediate



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