Akadia Puzzle

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This wooden packing puzzle includes half a dozen challenges of varying levels of difficulty, from simple to sinister.

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Akadia Puzzle

This wooden packing puzzle includes half a dozen challenges of varying levels of difficulty, from simple to sinister. The eight cubic pieces feature small pegs and holes in eight different locations which makes for very interesting solutions. Start by trying to build a flat 2x2 assembly then work your way up to the final  challenge: packing all eight pieces inside the box.

The texture of the pieces is welcoming and smooth, having been sanded and polished by expert craftsman and designer Václav Obšivač, a highly prolific puzzle maker. We are proud to work directly with his company Vin & Co. and you can find more of his designs here.

Akadia Puzzle
Akadia Puzzle Sale price$20.00

Vinco Puzzles


2.5 x 2.5 Inches

  • Wood
  • Master
Number of Pieces


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