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Whimsical accessories for the kitchen, bar, and dinner table.


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Ace Bottle OpenerAce Bottle Opener
Ace Bottle Opener Sale price$12.00
Yosegi Utility ClothsYosegi Utility Cloths
Yosegi Utility Cloths Sale price$18.00
Lessmore BowlsLessmore Bowls
Lessmore Bowls Sale price$55.00
Duck & Bunny Shaker Set
Duck & Bunny Shaker Set Sale price$48.00
Tipsy Bottle OpenerTipsy Bottle Opener
Tipsy Bottle Opener Sale price$30.00
Yosegi CoastersYosegi Coasters
Yosegi Coasters Sale priceFrom $38.00
Coffee EngineCoffee Engine
Coffee Engine Sale price$315.00
Kellar TrivetKellar Trivet
Kellar Trivet Sale price$55.00
On sale
Foldable BasketFoldable Basket
Foldable Basket Sale priceFrom $92.00 Regular price$115.00
Sold out
Illusion Spice ShakersIllusion Spice Shakers
Illusion Spice Shakers Sale price$65.00
Sold out
Lilypad CoastersLilypad Coasters
Lilypad Coasters Sale price$28.00
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Pinetti Wine RackPinetti Wine Rack
Pinetti Wine Rack Sale price$295.00
DIY Yosegi CoasterDIY Yosegi Coaster
DIY Yosegi Coaster Sale price$15.00
Kintsugi KitKintsugi Kit
Kintsugi Kit Sale price$160.00
Kumiko Coaster KitKumiko Coaster Kit
Kumiko Coaster Kit Sale price$85.00