13 products
13 products
Ace Bottle Opener__product

Ace Bottle Opener

This stainless steel playing cards snaps off caps with a flourish.
Yosegi Handkerchief__product

Yosegi Utility Cloths

This velvety soft wool handkerchief is both decorative and practical. The striking discharge-...
Duck and Bunny__product

Duck & Bunny Shaker Set

The classic ambiguous illusion adapted into three dimensions and made functional.

Yosegi Coasters

Each coaster is shaved from an intricate assembly of carefully glued sticks with no inks or d...
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Morritt Shakers__product

Illusion Spice Shakers

The perfect way to add a pinch of magic to your next meal.
Leaf Tray__product

Leaf Tray

This flexible paper tray is designed to display objects or serve food.
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DIY Yosegi Coasters__product

DIY Yosegi Coaster

Explore geometric patterns and traditional Japanese woodworking techniques with this DIY Yose...
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Lessmore Bowls

Porcelain optical illusion bowls that seem to magically change size before your eyes.
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Coffee Engine

The spinning brass flywheel is powered by the heat from any mug of hot liquid.