Flying Bird Cup

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Set the teacup in the saucer and turn the handle to see a hidden animation come to life.

Other Editions: Flying Bird
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Flying Bird Cup

This magical ceramic cup and saucer set features golden accents and and a secret surprise. The seemingly abstract design on the saucer reveals its true shape when reflected in the curved surface of the mirrored cup. But that's not the most amazing part. Turning the cup creates the illusion of motion as the static image springs into action thanks to a principle known as "picket-fence animation."

It is rare to see such a powerful combination of art and physics contained in a beautiful yet totally functional object. Thanks to the fine folks at Luycho in Korea for creating this wonderful series of objects. 




Cup: 3.5 Inches
Saucer: 6.75 Inches

  • Porcelain


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