DIY Yosegi Coaster

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DIY Yosegi Coaster

Explore geometric patterns and traditional Japanese woodworking techniques with this DIY Yosegi Coaster. Twelve diamond-shaped wooden tiles in three contrasting colors can be arranged in a myriad of ways to create striking shapes and designs that fit on a hexagonal tile. Glue the pieces together with the included wood adhesive to preserve your work and create a bespoke drink coaster for favored refreshments. Traditional Yosegi marquetry is achieved using similar techniques, though after arranging the pieces of colored wood and gluing them in place, real Yosegi masters would proceed to shave paper-thin slices from the arrangement to be used as decoration on other wooden handcrafts. Rare and special tools are required for this process so we don't recommend trying it at home!

Made in Japan. Measures approx. 3.5 in. diameter once assembled.


3.5 x .25 Inches

  • Wood


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