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15 products
ART Ball__product

ART Ball

Design your own artistic display with this modular sculpture toy.


A wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles.

Pop-up Animal

Created from a sheet of leatherette backed with foil-paper.

Handmade Zoetrope

Rediscover the magic of animation with this vintage spinning optical toy.

Drunken Ball

This ball rolls in surprising ways, swerving and swirling as if it had too much to drink.
Marble Oloid__product

Marble Oloid

This endearing geometric sculpture fits so snugly in your palm, it seems to caress your hand....
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A classic geometric stacking sculpture designed by Peer Clahsen in 1968.
Elemental Top__product
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Elemental Tops

Each handmade top comes with a matching display dish numbered and signed by the artist.
Metal Oloid__product

Metal Oloid

Paul Schatz's jewel of mathematics rendered in various heavy metals.
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Mezmoglobe Kinetic Toy

A hypnotic desk accessory that seems to defy the laws of physics.
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A bouncy little character that's guaranteed to spread happiness.