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17 products
Seed Grow Kit__product

Seed Grow Kit

Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Thes...
Marble Oloid__product

Marble Oloid

This endearing geometric sculpture fits so snugly in your palm, it seems to caress your hand....
From $25
Flying Whale__product

Flying Whale

Flying Whale is a kinetic sculpture created by artist Sang-yong Lee.
Metal Oloid__product

Metal Oloid

Paul Schatz's jewel of mathematics rendered in various heavy metals.
From $295

Drunken Ball

This ball rolls in surprising ways, swerving and swirling as if it had too much to drink.

Pop-up Animal

Created from a sheet of leatherette backed with foil-paper.

Mezmoglobe Kinetic Toy

A hypnotic desk accessory that seems to defy the laws of physics.


A classic geometric stacking sculpture designed by Peer Clahsen in 1968.
Elemental Top__product
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Elemental Tops

Each handmade top comes with a matching display dish numbered and signed by the artist.
ART Ball__product

ART Ball

Design your own artistic display with this modular sculpture toy.


A bouncy little character that's guaranteed to spread happiness.