Sycamore Stones

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Develop focus, balance and mindfulness inspired by the ancient ritual of stone stacking.

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Sycamore Stones

A "cairn" is a man-made pile of stones. The word comes from Gaelic but stone stacking has been used throughout human culture, for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present. These Sycamore Stones have an otherworldly quality: rocks made from wood. Though stone stacking could be played as a competitive game, we prefer to practice without a timer or an audience. For us, the challenge of achieving balance is a meditation, a quiet conversation with the invisible forces of nature. A simple tower of stones helps remind us that even the most oppressive forces can be overcome with focus and patience.

Five Sycamore Stones of various shapes and sizes are included with every set.


7.5 x 4 Inches

  • Wood


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