Star Cube

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A geometric illustration of the expansion of cube faces into infinity.

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Star Cube

The cube is essentially regarded as an individual form without reference to its cosmic environment. Designer Paul Schatz wanted to reintroduce this environment to people who appreciate the beauty of geometric forms. In line with the traditions of Renaissance artists and philosophers, Schatz describes his efforts as follows:

"The Star Cube illustrates the expansion of the cube faces into infinity. The cube opens itself up to space in the form of two trihedral pyramids that penetrate each other. The open wedges projecting from the solid augment the cube, turning it into a star. Made level, the components of the Star Cube form three crosses."

In pondering the Star Cube, one may glimpse the cubic crystal system formed by the connection of cross and star.

Hand-made in Germany using Plexiglas. Measures approximately 2 inches.




2 x 2 Inches

  • Plastic


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