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100 Questions100 Questions
100 Questions Sale priceFrom $35.00
15 Minute Timer15 Minute Timer
15 Minute Timer Sale price$30.00
What Do I Really Want To Achieve?What Do I Really Want To Achieve?
Emotional BarometerEmotional Barometer
Emotional Barometer Sale price$26.00
Games for Grown-UpsGames for Grown-Ups
Games for Grown-Ups Sale price$26.00
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How To Become WiserHow To Become Wiser
How To Become Wiser Sale price$36.00
Meeting FriendsMeeting Friends
Meeting Friends Sale price$16.00
Inspiration CardsInspiration Cards
Inspiration Cards Sale price$32.00
Big Ideas For Curious MindsBig Ideas For Curious Minds
Everyday AdventuresEveryday Adventures
Everyday Adventures Sale price$20.00
Motivation CardsMotivation Cards
Motivation Cards Sale price$32.00
Collaboration CardsCollaboration Cards
Collaboration Cards Sale price$32.00
Quotes To Live ByQuotes To Live By
Quotes To Live By Sale price$20.00
The Friendship GameThe Friendship Game
The Friendship Game Sale price$30.00
Wonder of Nature Card SetWonder of Nature Card Set
Wonder of Nature Card Set Sale price$26.00
Snakes and LaddersSnakes and Ladders
Snakes and Ladders Sale price$36.00
What They Forgot To Teach You At SchoolWhat They Forgot To Teach You At School
Dating Cards by School of LifeDating Cards by School of Life
Dating Cards Sale price$20.00
Dilemmas GameDilemmas Game
Dilemmas Game Sale price$20.00
Resilience CardsResilience Cards
Resilience Cards Sale price$23.00
Untranslatable Words Card SetUntranslatable Words Card Set
The Therapy CardsThe Therapy Cards
The Therapy Cards Sale price$36.00
Stoicism Game Conversation CardsStoicism Game Conversation Cards
Stoicism Cards Sale price$20.00
Kindness Cards by School of LifeKindness Cards by School of Life
Kindness Cards Sale price$20.00

About The School of Life

The School of Life is a global organisation helping people to lead more fulfilled lives through useful resources and tools.

Their mission is simple; to bring about healing, growth, calm and self-understanding in a complex world through psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, art and culture.