How To Become Wiser

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Tend to your personal and emotional growth with the directed self-reflection of The School of Life's How To Become A Bit Wiser card set.

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How To Become Wiser

A set of twenty cards exploring what it really means to be wise, and how we can strive to become more enlightened in our everyday lives.

Wisdom is one of the grandest and oddest words out there, so lofty it doesn’t sound like something we could ever be. But wisdom deserves to be rehabilitated and take its place among a host of other, more typical aspirations we might have; we should be as keen to end up wise as we are to be thin or prosperous.

Includes twenty cards with sustainably sourced FSC beech wood stand | buckram finish box.

How To Become Wiser
How To Become Wiser Sale price$36.00

The School of Life


The School of Life


The School of Life


8.5 x 6.25 Inches

  • Hardcover

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