Snakes and Ladders

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Climb to Emotional Maturity with this unique take on the classic Snakes and Ladders board game.


Snakes and Ladders

The School of Life has taken Snakes and Ladders and turned it into a great game about emotional life: the ladders represent all those moments when you learn how to be more of a grown-up, the snakes the times when you end up acting, against your better nature, like a tantrum-prone toddler. Depending on where you land, you pick up cards that outline, with humour and wisdom, the ingredients of emotional maturity - and ask you to share insights from your own life. As we play, we’re entertained, amusingly educated and subtly invited to continue to try to grow up - a goal that, as the game kindly implies, none of us ever quite master completely.


School of Life


7.75 x 1.5 Inches


  • Paperboard

Number of Pieces

26 26 Snake Cards, 26 Ladder Cards, 6 Counters, 2 Dice

Number of Players


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