D.A.R. Proyectos Stone Objects

Artisanal Peruvian Stone Objects

Stone objects made in Peru by D.A.R. Proyectos

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Stone Tree Solitaire
Stone Tree Solitaire Sale price$116.00
Stone Cactus PipeStone Cactus Pipe
Stone Cactus Pipe Sale price$72.00
Stone Incense HolderStone Incense Holder
Stone Incense Holder Sale price$44.00
Stone Pyramid PuzzleStone Pyramid Puzzle
Stone Pyramid Puzzle Sale priceFrom $80.00
Stone Laundry ClipStone Laundry Clip
Stone Laundry Clip Sale price$120.00
Stone Brick Phone StandStone Brick Phone Stand
Stone Brick Phone Stand Sale price$110.00
Stone Triangle PuzzleStone Triangle Puzzle
Stone Triangle Puzzle Sale price$120.00
Stone Burr PuzzleStone Burr Puzzle
Stone Burr Puzzle Sale price$150.00
Stone Cone Everything Box
Stone Cone Everything Box Sale priceFrom $98.00
Stone Dice SetStone Dice Set
Stone Dice Set Sale price$90.00
Stone TetrisStone Tetris
Stone Tetris Sale price$85.00
Stone Tic Tac ToeStone Tic Tac Toe
Stone Tic Tac Toe Sale price$85.00
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Stone TangramStone Tangram
Stone Tangram Sale priceFrom $63.00 Regular price$90.00
Soma Stone CubeSoma Stone Cube
Stone Soma Cube Sale priceFrom $80.00


D.A.R. Proyectos

Design Studio Desarrollo Artisanal Rentable (D.A.R.) Proyectos, Sustainable Artisan Development Project, blends smart design practices with social innovation to create unexpected yet relatable everyday objects. Based in Northern Perú, D.A.R works hand-in-hand with local indigenous artisan communities to redefine value in the approach to handmade objects.

About Stone Objects

The team at D.A.R. Proyectos reinvent traditional techniques passed down through generations of master craftsmen on the north coast of Peru. All objects are hand-carved from highly unique Andean stone materials.