Fidget Toys

Think with your fingers and calm an over-active mind with these highly tactile toys.


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Shashibo Cube Video
Shashibo Cube Sale price$25.00
CMY Color Cube
CMY Color Cube Sale price$37.00
Mezmoglobe Kinetic Toy
Mezmoglobe Kinetic Toy Sale price$45.00
Toroflux® Sale price$15.00
Ball of Whacks®
Ball of Whacks® Sale price$40.00
ART BallART Ball
ART Ball Sale price$30.00
Thinking EggThinking Egg
Thinking Egg Sale priceFrom $17.00
The Original Metal Slinky®The Original Metal Slinky®
The Original Metal Slinky® Sale priceFrom $8.00
Tangle® Sculpture
Tangle® Sculpture Sale priceFrom $60.00
Phantom Spinner
Phantom Spinner Sale priceFrom $36.00
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Hexyflex Wire Cube Sale price$28.00
Speks Magnet BallsSpeks Magnet Balls
Speks Magnet Balls Sale price$35.00
Mezmocoin Sale price$29.00
Supers Magnet BallsSupers Magnet Balls
Supers Magnet Balls Sale price$30.00