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A sleek, hypnotic spinner designed specifically for every day carry.

Material: Brass
Other Editions: Mezmocoin
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Prepare to be enchanted by the Mezmocoin, a sleek, stylish spinner designed specifically for every day carry.

The solid brass coin is precision balanced to rotate perfectly on a tungsten carbide tip that allows for impressively long spins (over 12 minutes on a glass surface). The spiral motif on the top of the coin creates a hypnotic illusion of continuous flow while the coin is in motion.

Mezmocoin comes in a fine leather sleeve to avoid clinking in your pocket. The size and heft are ideal for fidgeting throughout the day and any flat surface offers an opportunity for smooth, silent spins that are sure to amaze any onlookers.

Give the Mezmocoin a whirl to distract your mind, entertain your fingers and summon a moment of peaceful tranquility any time you like.




1.56 Inch Diameter

  • Brass


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