The Cosmos Oracle

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74-holographic and minimalistic astronomy cards with companion book.

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Questions create challenges and promote an outburst of self-discovery. One who asks themselves questions cannot avoid the answers.


The Cosmos Oracle

The Cosmos Oracle invites you to take a moment to reflect in order to connect with your intuition and to trust it. By increasing the quality and specificity of your questions, you will improve the process of searching for answers. You do not need a card reading method or a formula of limiting yourself. There are no rules or a more successful way than that of the connection you can create with the object, just like when you create a relationship with another human for the first time.

Becoming aware of your energy, stopping for a few seconds in this space, and allowing yourself to breathe and connect with your inner power will help you to discover the wise and marvelous Being of Light that is born within you and that channels all the messages of the Cosmos.

Includes 74 Holographic Cards with minimal icons and astronomy concepts, a Hardback guide book, and a Universe grid (activation portal).


4.75 x 2.75 Inches (Cards)
4.74 x 4.75 Inches (Book)

  • Paper


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