Luxury Travel Chess Set

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Luxury Travel Chess Set

Rawstudio’s unique chess set is deceptively simple in its finished beauty. Each set includes a handcrafted stitched leather board and thirty-two precision cut, individually hand polished metal pieces, stowed inside a suede leather pouch and presented in a carbon blue archival box.

The rawstudio chess set is contemporary and minimal in design aesthetic. Laid out, the chess pieces and board are simple and elegant, the two forms in complete and functional harmony. When putting away, the set transforms itself into two batons of interlocking pieces that fit snuggly around the rolled board, an intriguing second puzzle to explore.

Luxury Travel Chess Set
Luxury Travel Chess Set Sale price$995.00

Nick Rawcliffe




9.5 x 4 x 2 Inches

  • Metal
Number of Players


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