Nitinol Memory Wire

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Bend the wire to any shape then heat it up to make it straight again.

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Nitinol Memory Wire

Heat makes this science toy feel like magic. Nitinol is a special alloy of nickel and titanium that has a special property called shape memory. This means the metal can be bent out of shape at one temperature and then immediately remember its original shape when heated. This phenomenon might look like wizardry, but it's actually just physics.

This Memory Wire is trained to be straight. You can curl it and loop it as much as you like but once you heat the metal to above 104°F, using hot water or a hair dryer, the wire will "remember" it's original shape and unbend itself. Once cooled, you can then bend it up again and repeat the process. Even more amazing, the Memory Wire can be retrained to remember a new shape, though this requires heating the material to a much higher temperature (proceed at your own risk!).


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