Mighty Cheese Travel Puzzle

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One of our favorite packing puzzles of all time.

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Mighty Cheese Travel Puzzle

A delicious "Aha!" moment is your reward for solving the Mighty Cheese—one of our favorite packing puzzles of all time. We had the pleasure of meeting the ingenious designer Dr. Vladimir Krasnoukov in person and his enthusiasm for puzzles is infectious. His designs are always clean, clever and super fun to play with.

In this case, you find a hungry mouse who wants some cheese. The yellow wedges fit in the tray but there is no room for the blue mouse. Your goal is to rearrange the cheese pieces to make room for the rodent. There must be a way to tuck the little guy in amongst all those holes, right? Do yourself a favor and don’t peek at the solution.

This is one of those rare and wonderful puzzles that rewards hard work (no matter how long it takes) with a genuine and deeply satisfying epiphany upon completion.


Vladimir Krasnoukhov




4 x 4 Inches

  • Plastic
  • Master

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