Le Puzz Field Day

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Field Day is a collaboration with visual artist, photographer, illustrator and designer Joonbug. The figures, shapes and colors in his work converge and interlock to make a perfectly playful puzzle.

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Le Puzz Field Day

Could you use a dose of happiness? A jolt of joy? A reason to dance? A person to love? Ever have friends so close they become your family? Ever get a hug so powerful it lifts you up? Or experience a brief taste of love so rich it changes you fundamentally?

Bask in those moments and seek out a place where conversation flows effortlessly, surrounded by generosity and laughter, and empathy that knows no bounds - you deserve that place. It's your heyday, have a field day, make today the best day. Take it all, fill your cup, the world is yours make of it what you will. Show love to one another but most of all learn to love yourself and the person you're ever becoming.


Lenworth McIntosh, aka Joonbug


Le Puzz


25 x 18 Inches (Assembled)
14.25 x 9 x 2 Inches (Packaging)

  • Paperboard
  • Beginner

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