Koro Puzzle Box

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This wooden puzzle box contains a history lesson as well as a secret compartment.

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Koro Puzzle Box

This lovely wooden puzzle box contains a history lesson as well as a secret storage compartment. The box is finely crafted from a combination of oak, zelkova, wendge and magnolia. But what is it supposed to be?

Well, it may help to know a little background. The work was inspired by the theme of "Ancient Times." Designer and craftsman Shou Sugimoto was reminded of an ingenious engineering technique dating back more than five hundred years. Koro is the Japanese word for cylindrical tools which can be used for transportation. The cylinders are laid down like a track and a heavy box or load is placed on top. The rolling cylinders below allow the large object above to be moved much more easily over any distance.

Perhaps this information will allow you to discover the secret mechanism and gain access to the secret compartment hidden inside the box...

Made by hand in the Hakone mountains of Japan.


Shou Sugimoto


Karakuri Creation Group


6.25 x 3.75 x 3.5 Inches

  • Wood
  • Beginner

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