Impossible Bolt

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A hefty brass sculpture that seems to defy explanation.


Impossible Bolt

This hefty brass marvel of engineering is an impossible object—not a puzzle to solve but one to ponder on how it was made.

Similar to our Deck in Bottle or O-Cube, The Monkey's Nuts seems to defy logic by its very existence. To remove one nut, turn it clockwise. To remove the other nut, turn it counterclockwise. Hold both in place and turn the bolt and the two nuts move in opposite directions. How is it possible if they're both rotating around the same threaded bolt? After hours of experimentation and close examination with a magnifying glass, we're not exactly sure...

A new take on Scott Eliott's 3D-printed design, this version is machined from very heavy solid brass. Together, the bolt and two nuts weigh a full pound!. The bolt is three inches long and the nuts are over an inch and a half across. It's a solid, shining reminder that just because something seems impossible doesn't mean it can't be done. Made in the United Kingdom.


Two Brass Monkeys


3 x .85 x .85 Inches

  • Metal
  • Brass


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