Hypno Spinner

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This hypnotic spinning disc will distort your perception of reality.

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Hypno Spinner

The Hypno Spinner creates a mesmerizing visual effect that will dazzle your eyes and warp your mind. Give it a spin and stare at the rotating spiral for twenty seconds. The next thing you look at will appear to ripple and grow, a hallucinogenic effect that has to be seen to be believed. Watch in disbelief as you gaze into the mirror and see your own head blow up like a balloon. Spin the disc the other way and the effect is reversed—anything you look at will appear to shrink.

One of the most astounding visual effects we’ve ever seen, this Hypno Spinner design was inspired by Jerry Andrus, a brilliant inventor and one of our magical heroes.


Inspired by a Jerry Andrus Illusion


Art of Play


5 Inches

  • Metal

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