Flippin' Squid

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This ingenious kit transforms a pack of paper into an adorable squid who performs a backflip.

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Flippin' Squid

This ingenious DIY kit transforms a pack of flat paper into an adorable squid who can perform an acrobatic backflip.

Renowned Japanese paper engineer Haruki Nakamura has created a captivating new branch of paper fun called Kamikara. In Japanese, kami means "paper" and karakuri means "mechanical mechanism." Through a clever combination of perforated, pre-printed sheets and rubber bands, Nakamura's paper automata can be brought to life without the need for any tools!

Simply follow along with the pictures in the English language instructions and you will find the assembly of the creature is both easy and enjoyable. The paper pieces are scored to make quick work of folding and a special paper hook assists with the installation of the rubber band.

Once assembled, flatten the squid and lock the stopper on its back. Then, tip it over by pushing lightly on its head and watch in amazement as it performs a perfect back flip and sticks landing!


Haruki Nakamura




7 x 6 x 4 Inches

  • Paper


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