DUO Synthesizer for Two

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An instrument for making electronic music together.

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Two sides play together


Loop eight notes on the sequencer side. Compose a melody using the keyboard — flashy lights indicate which tone is playing. You can randomize the sequence, speed up and pitch up and down.


This side is the synthesizer. Generate and sculpt gritty, bold or soft sounds. You play with filters and add effects such as a bitcrusher and accent. And add beats!


DUO Synthesizer for Two

DUO from Dato is the synthesizer that puts collaboration at the core of its design principles, as it is intended to be played by two people at once. The machine features two distinct sides that complement each other during the performance.

One side lets the user dynamically design sounds using two oscillators with variable pulse width, a 2-pole low pass filter, two drum pads for generating kick and snare sounds, as well as delay and bit-crusher effects. The other side features a minor pentatonic 2-octave keyboard, an 8-step sequencer with transposition, and speed controls, as well as random and boost effects. On top of that, the synthesizer is equipped with all the right tools to be expanded when the time is right. It features MIDI in and out, SYNC in and out, and a 3.5mm headphone and line level output jacks. DUO sets no age barriers and can be enjoyed by anyone from 3–99 years old.


David Menting, Toon Welling


Dato Musical Instruments


9 x 7.5 x 3.5 Inches


  • Wood
  • Electronics



Hook it up!

The DUO grows along with your skill. As you expand your studio, you can connect other instruments like Volcas and Pocket Operators or hook it up to your modular synth. The DUO has MIDI in and out, SYNC in and out and a 3.5mm headphone/line out.

  • Synth: 12-bit monophonic synthesizer
  • 2 oscillators: saw and pulse variable pulse width
  • 2-pole low pass filter with resonance
  • 2 drum pads: kick and snare
  • Delay and bitcrusher effects
  • Sequencer: 8 step circular sequencer
  • 2 octave minor pentatonic keyboard
  • Boost and random effects
  • Built-in speaker
  • Power: 5V DC (micro USB)
Wonderfully accessible and lots of fun for pros and beginners alike.


This gorgeous little groovebox is the real deal


It looks incredible, the concept and execution are fantastic, and its potential as a tool for teaching basic synthesis to young children is huge


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