540 Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle

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This three-dimensional jigsaw forms a colorful orb.

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540 Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle

This three-dimensional jigsaw forms a colorful orb. The 540 pieces connect to create a sphere that explores form and color in a glorious new way. 

"A truer representation of relative color is represented in a three-dimensional space in which the hues are arranged in a ring around the outside of a sphere, like the equator of a globe, with the tints approaching white towards the north pole and shades traveling to black towards the south pole. 540 Colours Sphere is our first foray into the world of 3D puzzles, and takes after Philipp Otto Runge who was the first to order the hues, tints and shades as a three-dimensional spherical shape in 1810." - Clemens Habicht

A stand is included in the box to display your creation proudly.


Clemens Habicht


Play Group


8.65 x 8.65 Inches

  • Paperboard
  • Plastic
Number of Pieces


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