13 products
13 products
Iwamoto Magnifier__product

Iwamoto Magnifier

This 20x hand lens reveals hidden details of the natural world.
Mini Kaleidoscope__product

Mini Kaleidoscope

This kaleidoscope is small enough to fit in your pocket and ready to change your perspective ...

Classic Brass Kaleidoscope

What windowsill is complete without a kaleidoscope? This classic brass model uses the traditi...
Giant Flower__product

Giant Flower Kaleidoscope

The Giant Flower Kaleidoscope is designed for the connoisseur of psychedelic visual toys. A t...
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Wooden Kaleidoscope

A lovely example of how ordinary materials can turn extraordinary with a touch of creativity.
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Copper Teleidoscope

An optical instrument that provides a fantastically fractalized vision of the world.
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Bauhaus Spinning Top

A gravity-defying demonstration of color theory.
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Strobe Spinner

The rings will seem to spin in different directions on phone video or under LED lights.
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Handmade Zoetrope

Rediscover the magic of animation with this vintage spinning optical toy.