21 products
21 products
Puzzling Obscurities__product

Puzzling Obscurities

Get your synapses firing with this enormous variety box of 60 puzzles and brain teasers.
Metal Fifteen Puzzle__product

Metal Fifteen Pocket Puzzle

This brain teaser has stumped millions since the 1870's.
Matchbox Puzzles__product

Matchbox Puzzles

An eclectic mix of 15 mini puzzles, each in their own retro-style matchbox.
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Recombinator Marble Puzzle__product

Recombinator Marble Puzzle

Imagine a Rubik's cube, a carousel and a handful of Mardi Gras beads had a baby...
Marvelous Matchstick Challenges__product
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Marvelous Matchstick Puzzles

Add a little fire to your brain training with this scorching mix of puzzles and brain teasers.
Rocket Puzzle__product

Rocket Puzzle

A classic conundrum for aspiring astronauts of all ages.
Tabletop Maze__product

Tabletop Maze

It will take patience and dexterity to traverse the pathways hidden between the circles.
Double Zero Marble Puzzle__product

Double Zero Marble Puzzle

This sequential movement puzzle is comparable in difficulty to a Rubik's cube.
Yot Puzzle__product
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YOT Puzzle

Part puzzle, part magic trick, YOT can provide hours of entertainment fooling your friends.
Wooden T Puzzle__product

Wooden T-Puzzle

One of our favorite puzzles because of its deceptive simplicity.
Rubiks Cube__product
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Rubik's Cube

A new and improved mechanism for smoother, faster, and more reliable play.
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Symmetric Puzzle__product


A geometric challenge that requires thinking of mirror-like clarity.
Shadow Shapes Puzzle__product

Shadow Shapes Travel Puzzle

Try to figure out how to arrange the tiles to recreate the pictures in the included booklet.

Stone Tangram

A luxurious take on the legendary tangram puzzle crafted from seven pieces of semi-precious s...