Avant Card: The Sights and Sound of Cardistry

Avant Card: The Sights and Sound of Cardistry

Cardistry is the art of manipulation of playing cards as performance. Dan and Dave Buck, the pioneers of Cardistry, along with Andrew Avila, one of the world's top cardists, showcase their talents in the new video, "Avant Card,” all mixed and delivered in fully-immersive DTS Headphone:X technology which enables the viewer to be fully immersed in the video’s soundtrack through any headphones or earbuds.

Over the course of the video, the Bucks and Avila perform their vast repertoire of tricks (no CGI here!) that reflect themes such as nature, music and abstract technology. These themes are brought to life visually through imagery and graphics as well as via a dynamic, themed sound design that’s tightly synced to each trick. The intention of this production is to create a magical, at times hyper-realistic and impressionistic relationship between motion and sound.

"The creative energy and drive behind this project was exhilarating,” said Dave Buck. "It’s been a long time dream to see cardistry elevated at this level and attention to detail. And as a visual artist, I never even considered sound to be such an integral element. I feel so lucky to have worked on this project and I am honored to see cardistry showcased with such artistic beauty.”

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Limited Edition Playing Cards

We had the privilege of working with DTS to produce a custom deck of playing cards for the project. The cards, as used in the video, feature a minimal back design incorporating the DTS brand image. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company to Dan and Dave's expert specifications with their trademark crushed paper for a super-thin stock preferred by cardists.

In addition to being used in the video by Dan, Dave and Andrew, the cards were handed out during the world premiere after-party. Only a limited number of them remain and are now for sale exclusively in our shop.

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