Yosegi Magic Box

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Yosegi Magic Box

Half puzzle, half illusion, the Yosegi Magic Box can make small objects materialize or vanish mysteriously. The secret lies in the clever construction of a hidden mechanism that engages by subtly sliding one of the panels of the box. Our favorite way to present the trick is to invite a friend to open the box and take out the prize they find inside. When they find the box empty, we close the box, snap our fingers and open the box to reveal a $20 bill.

The decoration on this box features Yosegi marquetry which is created without using paints or dyes. Skilled artisans use slender sticks of various types of wood to create intricate patterns of shapes and colors. The sticks are then glued into logs and paper thin layers are shaved from the face of the assembly to be used as decoration for puzzles and other wood crafts.

Handmade in Japan.


4.5 x 3.5 x .75 Inches

  • Wood
  • Beginner


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