Wind Up Critters

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These playful mechanical toys are both humorous and unpredictable in behavior.

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Wind Up Critters

These playful mechanical objects are both humorous and unpredictable in behavior. Watch as they jump, dance, and walk, moving their exposed exoskeletons.

Mirrored in each one is a particular passion that the designer has for creatures not looked at with "respect" by humans, such as insects with no particular aesthetic appeal.

Wind Up Creatures combine form, function, and fun all in one mechanism. A perfect gift for those who have everything.


Chico Bicalho




2 to 7 Inches

  • Metal
  • Plastic


Chico Bicalho

Meet the Creator

Chico Bicalho

Inspired by nature and the tiny insects that live among us. Early Wind Ups were made by hand, using a vintage Japanese gearbox from the 1950's found at a surplus store.

Brazilian designer Chico Bicalho believes in having a spiritual life, in freedom, and in peace; supporting the theory that the earth is one living thing. He feels that humans should understand nature, live with nature, and be equal to nature.

Chico donates 100% of his royalties to reforestation.

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