Stoicism Cards

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50 insights from great Stoic thinkers paired with helpful modern context.

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Stoicism Cards

This box of cards gathers together the best insights and sayings from the great Stoic thinkers and contextualizes them with commentaries that bring out their applicability to modern day lives. This is both an elegant summary of ancient philosophy and a route to self-knowledge, serenity and strength of mind.

On one side of each card is a quotation from Epictetus, Seneca, or Marcus Aurelius. On the reverse, you'll find additional information about the history, beliefs, and practice of Stoicism from its origins to the present day. Once contemplated, the cards can be kept or displayed somewhere close at hand as a continual reminder of stoic wisdom.


The School of Life


4 x 2.75 x 1 Inches

  • Paper
Number of Pieces

60 Cards

Number of Players


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