Smokey Bear Playing Cards

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Official Smokey Bear Playing Cards produced in association with the USDA Forest Service.

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Smokey Bear Playing Cards

Featuring Smokey and twelve of his closest woodland friends.


Smokey Bear Playing Cards

Official Smokey Bear playing cards. Produced in association with the USDA Forest Service, the cards feature Smokey and twelve of his closest woodland friends, along with fire-prevention tips illustrated throughout the deck by Sam Larson.

Packaged in a nostalgic letterpress-printed tuck box. Sustainably produced using FSC certified paper and vegetable-based inks on our trademark thin-stock and finish. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.


Sam Larson


Art of Play


3.5 x 2.5 x .5 Inches


  • FSC Certified Paper


United States

Since 1944

Smokey Bear has protected America's forests from unwanted, human-caused fire. Smokey – one of the most-loved issue ambassadors of our time – and his signature phrase, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” are truly iconic.

His message of wildfire prevention is the center of the longest-running PSA campaign in our nation's history.

Though Smokey has been essential to the reduction of unwanted, human-caused wildfires over the last 75 years, he still needs help. Even today, nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires nationwide are caused by people.

Now more than ever we need you to help prevent wildfires.

"Only You Can Prevent Wildfires"

Special Editions

Limited Release. Available exclusively in our Variety Box.

Smokey Bear, Limited Brown Ed.Smokey Bear, Limited Brown Ed.
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Smokey Bear, Limited Green Ed.Smokey Bear, Limited Green Ed.
Smokey Bear, Limited Yellow Ed.Smokey Bear, Limited Yellow Ed.

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