Resilience Cards

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This set of cards is designed to gently remind us that we are far stronger than we imagine.

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Resilience Cards

A set of double-sided cards designed to help us become more confident in the face of adversity; short prompts on one side are accompanied by illustrative photographs on the reverse.

Reminders for Resilience (examples from the card set)

  • 3 a.m. alone in bed is perhaps not the optimal moment at which to derive a true picture of reality. Wait – always – for the perspective of dawn.
  • It sounds heartless to say: ‘you’ll get over it’. But you will.
  • The brain is designed to exaggerate troubles. We suffer more in our thoughts than in reality.
  • Most of what we’ve ever learnt came to us in periods of suffering.

The School of Life


6.25 x 4.5 x 0.75 Inches

  • Paper
Number of Pieces

60 Cards

Number of Players


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