Raimond Tensegrity

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What appears to be an intricate mathematical sculpture is in fact a dimmable floor lamp.

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Raimond Tensegrity

The Raimond Tensegrity features a striking combination of artistic vision and trigonometric design. A delicate sphere of interlocking metal bands is held aloft by a stand of intertwined wooden rods. But what appears to be a mathematical sculpture is in fact a dimmable floor lamp featuring 162 LED lights.

Tensegrity is a term that was first described by legendary architect, Buckminster Fuller. It refers to the use of weight, balance and gravity to support a geometric structure. Artist Raimond Puts has taken inspiration from this architectural technique to create a unique work of art that is also given function through modern technology.

The beauty of the Raimond Tensegrity lies not only in its contrasting materials, but also in the trigonometric harmony of both structures.

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Raimond Puts




31.5 x 24 in.

  • Metal
  • Electronics


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