OuiSi Nature: Games of Visual Connection

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A set of photo cards inspired by the natural world designed to foster creativity, build mindfulness, and ignite wonder.

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OuiSi Nature: Games of Visual Connection

OuiSi Nature is a set of 210 visually-connecting images captured from the natural world. These photo cards include instructions for games and activities that foster creativity, build mindfulness, and ignite wonder. The name of the game is “yes-yes” in French and Spanish, pronounced “we-see” in English. It’s a nod to the belief that pictures are a visual language almost all of us can speak, regardless of age or background.

Each lush photo card connects visually with other cards in the deck, based on similar patterns, shapes, colors - really, anything you can imagine. There are more than two thousand connections waiting to be found, each providing a wonderful "aha!" moment.

Igniting Young Minds

OuiSi encourages collaboration, like building off another player's Photo Card or co-creating a web of Visual Connections. It also fosters critical and abstract thinking. "How does something connect?" or "what do you see here?" – these questions are building blocks for good conversation and plant seeds of general curiosity.




3 x 3 Inches (Cards)

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