Omoshiroi Notepad

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This notepad reveals elaborate paper sculptures as its pages are torn away.

Style: Piano


Omoshiroi Notepad

Omoshiroi Notepad brings an elaborate architectural surprise to any desktop. The combination writing pad/pen holder looks fairly ordinary at first glance, but as each sheet of paper is peeled away, a new layer of a hidden object is revealed.

Scale models of castles, temples and famous skylines are precision cut with lasers that leave the block of paper in tact, so the structure waiting within slowly appears layer by paper-thin layer. Omoshiroi offers a visual representation of the passage of time and encourages us to cherish each new detail as it presents itself. Several different designs are available. Choose from Kyoto Temple, a grand piano, Osaka Castle, Wave off Kanagawa, New York, or Paris.


Triad Inc


4 x 4 x 1 Inches (Approx.)

  • Paper


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