Novel Puzzle

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Novel is a faithful recreation of a mechanical puzzle described in a classic Czech mystery novel.

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Novel Puzzle

An iconic literary mystery brought to life! Novel is a faithful recreation of the mechanical puzzle described in Mystery of a Conundrum, a classic Czech mystery novel from 1940.

Radek Micopulos studied the illustrations of Mr. Jiří Grus and as far as we are aware, this is the most accurate physical representation of the puzzle featured in "The Shadow District" stories by Jaroslav Foglar.

The cage is made from a single piece of dark gray duralumin. The hedgehog inside is made of black steel with ten conical spines that prevent it from escaping the cage too easily. The solution technique and difficulty level were designed to match the description in the novel as closely as possible. A great puzzle for any lover of history or literature.


Radek Micopulos


Rademic Puzzles


2 x 3 Inches

  • Metal
  • Advanced

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