Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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This vintage edition pays tribute to the original MONOPOLY, first published by Parker Brothers in 1935.

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Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

This edition of Monopoly features a board and cards that look almost just like they did in 1935 when it was sold by Parker Brothers. The monopoly game has been recreated with an elegant design that allows you to display it on a bookshelf for others to see. It is meant for ages 8 and up to play. The kids' monopoly game uses traditional die-cast movers, with lovely houses and hotels made from wood. All of it can be stored in the removable bankers tray when not in use and set in the book for compact storage. Includes paper money in different colors and values. Pieces included are the thimble, car, hat, iron, dog, shoe, ship and the rider.

Winning Solutions


10.5 x 8 x 2.5 Inches

  • Paperboard
Number of Players




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