Makemaki Sushi Game

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A fast-paced chopstick challenge that will test the dexterity of the whole family.

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Makemaki Sushi Game

Test your chopstick skills with this fast-paced game of sushi making. Makemaki is a challenge of speed and dexterity, where two sushi chefs compete to make colorful maki rolls. Flip over a card from the 33-card pack, then race to see who can duplicate the pictured recipe first, choosing between 48 colored wooden ingredients, and using only chopsticks! Fun for the whole family.

Makemaki is crafted from high-quality beech, maple, and bamboo. Made in Italy.

Makemaki Sushi Game
Makemaki Sushi Game Sale price$35.00

Bice Dantona, Bernardo Corbellini




12 x 7.5 x 1.5 Inches

  • Wood
Number of Players


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