How to Win Games and Beat People

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Demolish your family and friends at over 30 classic games with advice from an international array of experts!

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How to Win Games and Beat People

Destroy the competition on game night with this seriously funny guide packed with handy strategy, tricks, and tips from the experts. A mathematician explains how to approach Connect 4; a race car driver guides you through the corners in slot car racing; a mime shares trade secrets for performing the best Charades; a Scrabble® champion reveals his secret strategies; and a game theorist teaches you to become a real estate magnate, recommending the Monopoly properties to acquire that will bankrupt and embarrass your opponents (sorry, Mom and Dad). Funny, smart, and endlessly useful, this is a must-read for anyone who takes games too seriously, and the bible for sore losers everywhere.


Tom Whipple


Dey Street Books




8 x 5 Inches

  • Hardcover

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