Hilarie Mais Puzzle

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A 1000+ piece puzzle featuring a contemporary work of fine art.

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Hilarie Mais Puzzle

A jigsaw compels us to spend time with an image, an analysis of observation searching for structures, patterns and other visual clues to be able to solve the puzzle. The Tempus series of paintings by Hilarie Mais, although systematic in approach, undermine any sense of order, they obey a series of rules but are organic and allow for a fluidity of random occurrences.

Mais’ painting Tempus 6 is an exploration of the intersection of the grid (square) and spiral (circle) geometric systems. The reproduction of the work as a jigsaw introduces another grid system in the puzzle dieline that dissects the image into fragments, creating a puzzle of exceeding difficulty.

Hilarie Mais Puzzle
Hilarie Mais Puzzle Sale price$50.00

Hilarie Mais


Play Group


25 x 25 Inches

  • Paperboard
  • Intermediate

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