Hidden Curry No. 90

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A good Pelikan puzzle for beginners who want a more formidable challenge.

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Hidden Curry No. 90

Hidden Curry No. 90 is two puzzles in one. The goal is to fit the eight triangular Garapa wood pieces inside the Acacia wood frame. One side of the frame is shallow and offers a fairly easy task. In fact, the shallow side can be used for storage when the puzzle pieces are not in play. The flip side is deeper, with an overhanging lip that provides a much more difficult challenge.

The name of this puzzle was inspired by magician Paul Curry, inventor of the hidden square paradox, a magical version of the classic hidden area puzzle. Hidden Curry No. 90 was designed by Dr. Volker Latussek who is well known in the puzzle world for clever constructions that require surprising maneuvers to complete. Most Pelikan puzzles are not intended for beginners but this might be a good entry point for puzzlers looking for a more formidable challenge.


Volker Latussek


3.25 x .75 Inches

  • Wood
  • Advanced

Czech Republic

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