DIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box

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Once assembled, this bank won't open until enough change has been deposited inside.

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DIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box

A wonderful way to encourage you to save your pocket change. Once assembled the coin Bank Puzzle Box won't open until a sufficient amount of change has been deposited inside. The clever concept of this particular box makes it one of our favorites in the DIY Puzzle Kit series.

All of our DIY puzzle box kits come from the workshop of world-renowned Japanese puzzle makers. Here is your chance to examine the normally hidden mechanisms up close and experience the thrill of assembling your very own mechanical puzzle. All that’s required is a bit of glue and patience. Instructions are described in Japanese but well illustrated and easy to follow.

Made in Japan. Assembled by you.


Karakuri Creation Group


Karakuri Creation Group


3.75 x 3 x 2 Inches

  • Wood
  • Beginner

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