Cluebox 4: The Trial of Camelot

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The fourth generation Cluebox is a miniature escape room inspired by the legend of King Arthur.

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Cluebox 4: The Trial of Camelot

The fourth edition of the wildly popular Cluebox was inspired by legend of King Arthur and the Trial of Merlin. This complex wooden puzzle box is essentially a Camelot-themed escape room that fits in the palm of your hand.

Only a clever knight will be able to successfully “pull out the king’s sword.” You’ll have to translate runes and solve mysterious riddles to access the secrets hidden within Cluebox 4, a challenge worthy of Galahad himself.

Experts can solve this sequential discovery sequence in under an hour but even if you complete the puzzle in less than 90 minutes you should be proud. Constructed from 195 precisely designed birch wood pieces, The Trial of Camelot is more complex than any previous Cluebox. Once you've completed the experience, reset the pieces, and pass the puzzle on to a friend so they too can test their mettle against Merlin the wizard.




4.75 x 4.25 Inches

  • Wood
  • Intermediate


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