Cabinetarium, Gilded Edition

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Unleash imagination with the Cabinetarium, a deck of 55 hand-drawn, surreal illustrations by Armando Veve, nestled in a gold foil adorned for a unique shuffle experience.

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Cabinetarium, Gilded Edition

Art of Play is proud to present a shuffled gallery of surrealist fantasy, unlike any other deck of playing cards the world has ever seen. Cabinetarium is a collection of 55 original works hand-drawn by award-winning illustrator Armando Veve.

Veve's fantastic creatures, absurd objects, and exotic fantasies combine to create a singular vision—a mythic assemblage of ideas that will stir the imagination and quicken the pulse. Browse through the illustrations and marvel at a mastery of craft that evokes echoes of Bosch, Escher, and Dali.

The cards of the Cabinetarium are housed in a marvelous conceptual cabinet of magnificent detail, intricately embossed and adorned with gold foil.

Each deck is carefully handpainted with gold leaf foil on the edges before being packed and sealed with a gold stamp.


Art of Play


3.5 x 2.5 x. 5 Inches

  • FSC Certified Paper

United States

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