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9 products
Garden of Eden Book__product

A Garden Eden

Art meets science in this beautiful catalog of botanical illustrations. Drawn from the archiv...
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The Art of Curiosity Book__product

The Art of Curiosity

50 Visionary Artists, Scientists, Poets, Makers & Dreamers Who Are Changing the Way We See Ou...
Exploring the Elements__product

Exploring the Elements

A Complete Guide to the Periodic Table Sara Gillingham with words by Isabel Thomas.
The Art of Science of Ernest Haeckel__product

Ernst Haeckel Art and Science

Discover Ernst Haeckel, the 19th-century artist-biologist who found beauty in even the most u...
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Entertaining Science Experiments__product

Entertaining Science Experiments

Martin Gardner presents a splendid collection of activities for a rainy afternoon.
Visions of the Universe Book__product
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Visions of the Universe

A coloring book inspired by exquisite mathematical patterns.
Patterns of the Universe Book__product
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Patterns of the Universe

Contemplate the abstract beauty of the cosmos with this ingenious coloring and activity book ...
Mathematics, Magic and Mystery__product
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Mathematics, Magic and Mystery

This classic treatise by Martin Gardner is a must-have for any fan of math or magic.