The Wavelinks Puzzle

The Wavelinks Puzzle

Four heavy steel pieces interlock to create a modern masterpiece of mechanical puzzles. Elegant, challenging, and deeply satisfying.

Introducing The Wavelinks Puzzle. Designed by Rod Bogart and produced by us (Art of Play) in collaboration with our good friends over at Craighill. We're two curious companies with one shared obsession: creating beautiful objects that evoke wonder.

Whether you're assembling it or taking it apart, it's delightfully surprising. The Wavelinks moves in a way that's unlike anything you've experienced before.

Wavelinks Puzzle Pieces

Even after you've unlocked the secret, the magic continues. The Wavelinks is an amazing puzzle to share with curious friends. You can blow their minds, help them through moments of frustration, and guide them into the inner sanctum of mastery and knowledge.

Now available for Pre-order.

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