Recombinator Marble Puzzle

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Imagine a Rubik's cube, a carousel and a handful of Mardi Gras beads had a baby...

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Recombinator Marble Puzzle

Imagine a Rubik's cube, a carousel, and a handful of Mardi Gras beads had a baby... The Recombinator Marble Puzzle has a very simple goal: sort the four different colors of marbles into four different circular grooves. Of course, like all the best mechanical puzzles, the challenge is easier said than done. You'll need to rotate the three vertical sections of the outer shell to mix and redistribute the wooden marbles into position. Planning is key and success, oh so sweet.

Fans of our Fifteen Puzzle or Tom's Turnstile will love this sequential movement puzzle as well which measures approximately 4 inches tall.


Clever Toys


Clever Toys


4 x 4 Inches

  • Wood
  • Beginner

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