Take-apart Puzzles

A wide variety of challenges were the object is to separate the pieces.


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Bird in Cage Puzzle
Bird in Cage Puzzle Sale price$18.00
Rocket PuzzleRocket Puzzle
Rocket Puzzle Sale price$20.00
Spiral Pocket PuzzleSpiral Pocket Puzzle
Spiral Pocket Puzzle Sale price$14.00
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Starburst Puzzle
Starburst Puzzle Sale priceFrom $16.00 Regular price$18.00
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Axis PuzzleAxis Puzzle
Axis Puzzle Sale price$70.00
Hexa Puzzle
Hexa Puzzle Sale price$55.00
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YOT PuzzleYOT Puzzle
YOT Puzzle Sale price$60.00
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Hip FlaskHip Flask
Hip Flask Sale price$275.00
Brass Hedgehog in a Cage PuzzleBrass Hedgehog in a Cage Puzzle
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Titan Puzzle
Titan Puzzle Sale price$175.00
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Impossible Joint Puzzle
Impossible Joint Puzzle Sale price$17.00
Mini Take Apart Yosegi Puzzle BoxMini Take Apart Yosegi Puzzle Box
Gen in Black PuzzleGen in Black Puzzle
Gen in Black Puzzle Sale price$70.00
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Epic PuzzleEpic Puzzle
Epic Puzzle Sale price$70.00
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Novel PuzzleNovel Puzzle
Novel Puzzle Sale price$70.00
Four Mirror OneFour Mirror One
Four Mirror One Sale price$55.00
Antiq Hedgehog PuzzleAntiq Hedgehog Puzzle
Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle Sale price$250.00